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One of Our Cabinet Installation Trucks – We call her Number 9

Number 9

Isn’t she a beaut? If you spot this truck in a driveway near your house, chances are one of your neighbors is having new kitchen or bathroom cabinets installed. The crew here at Select Kitchen & Bath loves traveling all around the DC area to install customized and dynamic cabinetry solutions in every type of home. That’s what we specialize in – creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that you’ve always dreamed about.

Today our crew was behind the National Cathedral in NW Washington, DC in the historic Cleveland Park neighborhood, which is known for its large homes with sweeping views of the city. That and being situated in the top end of Embassy Row and close to the VP’s house at Observatory Circle. We set out to the area to install a unique cabinetry solution in one of the neighborhood’s beautiful historic homes. Well, first we packed up the truck – lovingly and with great care – with the new cabinets and building materials, then we set out.

One of the critical factors when it comes to creating the perfect cabinet installation for a homeowner is the safe transportation of the building and installation materials. There is nothing worse than waiting for weeks or even months for your dream cabinets to arrive only to end up with a delay in job completion that was due to damaged materials caused by sloppy transportation methods. It’s easy enough to prevent, it just takes time and patience to do the job right the first time.

So, if you see us on the road, and maybe we’re driving a little too slow for you, just remember, it’s for the cabinets. Think of the cabinets! And, if you see our cabinet installation truck in your neighborhood and you know the homeowner, come and take a peek. If it’s OK with them, it’s OK with us.