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There Are Some Things In Your Kitchen That You Just Hate!

What Do You “Hate” About Your Kitchen? Maybe hate is too strong a word in properly defining a frustration you might have with your present kitchen space; but it is these dislikes that will prompt you to make some much needed changes. There’s no arguing of the inherent importance of a well-designed, attractive kitchen in …

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Kitchen Remodel: Being The ‘General’

Kitchen Remodel: Being the ‘General’ There certainly is some potential economic benefit for a homeowner to act as their own General Contractor when the decision is made to re-do, re-build or create and entirely new kitchen space. However, before dismissing this key figure as the pivotal role in your kitchen endeavor, it’s important to understand …

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Non-conformity Strikes New Kitchen Designs

Historically, we all seem to recognize the 1960’s as, sort of, a dramatic movement away from an accepted, conventional means of living and were considerably motivated to openly express, in lifestyle and possessions, our more unique and personal attributes. The starched white shirts, black sedans, and black-and-white televisions of the 50’s were quickly being replaced …

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