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Galley kitchens, for many, bring about certain defining connotations that are not often flattering: long, narrow and cavernous; tight quarters; ‘the bowling lane’; inaccessible and only room enough for one at a time. It’s hard to ignore how such biases come to exist because, by design, galley kitchens are, well, galleys; and, by definition, they are long and narrow passages. What’s important to realize, however, is that their footprint parameters are not necessarily a ‘death sentence’ for anyone who wants a well-appointed and functioning kitchen space as well as one that encourages social encounters. The first step in approaching a galley remodel is to positively acknowledge, “…look at all the great space I have to work with!”—the rest is pretty simple and straightforward.

Condominiums and townhouses in the Virginia area are dominant in galley kitchen configurations; and these are wonderful spaces indeed. So, rather than view these galleys as an impediment to the home, think of them as the opportunity that they are: efficient and inviting kitchens that lend an intimacy to your social gatherings.

The first example noted in the photographs is a classic version of a typical galley; and, now finished and furnished, the narrow passage is still apparent, but it is a very friendly and workable space. There are two strong features associated with this gem that bear acknowledgement. The first is that the kitchen’s ‘work triangle’ (sink, cooktop, refrigerator) are strategically placed in excellent form and posture. Everything that’s necessary to the cook’s needs is convenient and efficient. The second trait is located at the ‘spillway’ or the end of the galley where a service bar was created. This encourages the social aspects of entertaining and enables the cook to interact casually with guests or family members.

The next galley configuration actually defies the misnomers of isolation associated with galley kitchens. With this remodel, there was adequate wall space on the left side to accommodate all the necessary cabinetry for unapologetic storage and service; and this enabled a somewhat abbreviated area for an ‘eat-in’ space concept on the right side of the galley.

What’s vital to note in the third photograph is how the ‘spillway’ was utilized in this particular galley design. The footprint of this galley was a bit broader than most, which then opened-up into a spillway that could be used for a work station. If you take a good look at this galley, you’ll come to realize that it has all the amenities and features which would be more typical of a ‘grand’ kitchen while maintaining the perfect intimacy of a galley.
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