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Vienna, VA Kitchen Remodel


Vienna, VA Kitchen Remodel

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Let there be light!

It’s very easy to see in this Vienna, VA kitchen remodel how the designer and the homeowner sought to capitalize upon the wonderful advantage of a natural course of light. With a dramatic flow of openness, pouring into the adjacent dining area, this kitchen lent itself to a remarkable display of unimpeded radiance wrapped in the glow of sunlight from the garden patio door in the dining area and the bay window gracing the abutting living room area.

This Vienna, VA kitchen’s innate benefit of natural lighting would likely have supported cabinetry and generalized finishes that were deeper in tone; but, instead, took a much different design and decorating course entirely. There’s something very enticing and appealing about a kitchen space that is so bright and inviting that it dispels all the routine and drudgery often associated with a work space. The cabinetry, smartly finished in pristine white, has details that are very understated, or minimalistic, with the exception of the wainscot effect created on the island drawers. The black knobs and pulls offer a stark contrast to the cabinet finish as well as tying-in quite nicely with the black fleck found in the granite countertops. The granite is also supportive of the cabinetry, given the representation of sharp white flecking as well.

If you notice, the backsplash and flooring tend to be quite strong in a beige neutral; and, again, are supported by the same granite countertop. In the decorating world, this kitchen is one of the best examples of the perfect decorating balance that could ever be achieved. Professional decorators basically work from two distinct color bases: gray neutral (affected by black, white, gray) and earth-tone neutral (affected by beiges, browns, rusts, etc.). The general rule is that decorating is achieved by building upon one base or the other. This kitchen possesses both decorating bases which means translates into decorating longevity and flexibility. Any colors can be used to accent this kitchen effectively as this kitchen represents the most workable of parchments!

Another terrific feature of this particular kitchen is the strategic and, again, understated use of artificial lighting. Notice how directed and task-oriented the recessed lighting is situated? This selectiveness was quite intentional as the artificial lighting was directed to support the natural light and not to displace it.
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