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Varied Height Cabinets


Varied Height Cabinets

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A kitchen and bath designer is often posed with the challenge of creating a level of ‘interest ‘in the project whereby convention is modestly manipulated to enhance the ‘awe effect’. This personal statement drafted by the designer, if you will, may come in the form of introducing two different colored, or finished, cabinets within the same space, presenting a ‘grand’ display in and around the cooking area, or staging a breath-grabbing countertop finish on the well-furnished island. Some designers, however, aspire to regulate this interest more subtly; and by simply altering the symmetry or continuity of the cabinet line, the convention is strategically manipulated—creating that desired interest. The key to achieving this treatment effectively is to avoid going overboard and to approach the change and alteration with a very deliberate goal in mind. The manipulation tends to be minimalistic, but can surely generate a profound and pleasing effect in the overall kitchen or bathroom appeal.

In the bathroom application, as noted in the first photograph, the increase in height ahead of the left sink basin was both an aesthetic decision and one of practicality. This custom vanity build in a master bathroom sought to accommodate the personal needs of the husband and wife uniquely. To the left of this subtly-raised counter is a comfortable ‘make-up’ station; and by lowering the top at this point provided an accommodating sitting area height for this station. Aesthetically speaking, this raised effect at the basin (then carried through to the termination on the right) renders a presentation of the sink basin areas that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. Although clearly supportive in this design, the usage of the expanse of mirrored wall here truly enhances the effect of the raised cabinet and basin area.

The second photograph illustrates the manipulation or regulation of heights in the upper cabinet units. While the symmetry of the lower line, or base, of the uppers is maintained, the top of the cabinets are held to a lower posture. This is an especially attractive and poignant statement where they encase the window above the sink area, allowing the top surface of these cabinets to participate in the finish decorating of the space. Imagine how boxed-in this window would appear if it wasn’t so cleverly liberated by the shortened height of these cabinets!
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