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Two-toned Cabinets in the Kitchen or Two-toned Corian in the Bathroom


Two-toned Cabinets in the Kitchen or Two-toned Corian in the Bathroom

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The popularity of introducing two different cabinet colors within the same kitchen space is a trend that is really taking hold in American kitchens. Initially, those in the design community, merely ‘tip-toed’ into this visual by strategically segregating or, logically segregating, the two distinct cabinetry colors into precise lines of division within the kitchen format. This, quite frequently, was created by simply contrasting the finishes of the upper cabinets to the lower cabinets or, in some cases, using the island base as a contrasting element. As this design intervention became more acceptable and notably attractive, there became a more courageous movement to diversify the integration of contrasting cabinet finishes—still strategic, but much less predictable. In utilizing a duality of color in a major element in a restricted space, parameters of décor are tastefully declared!

The first kitchen photograph is an example of the transition between a logical segregation of cabinet colors and one that wades into something less predictable. With the upper cabinets being white and so dominant in glass-fronted cabinets, there would likely be a visual detraction here because there is a limited ‘grounding’ effect that would prevent a bit of a ‘closure’ to the kitchen space. In presenting the warm wood façade on the refrigerator and proprietary upper unit, the floating effect of the white cabinetry is subsequently ‘grounded’.

The second photograph is indicative of a kitchen cabinet design that is very directed in highlighting particular points of interest. Visually, it’s very hard not to set your eyes immediately upon the ‘feature’ cabinet units, dressed in black, whose sole intention is for display of the finer kitchen amenities owned by the homeowner. These feature cabinets, however, would likely be out of place or lost if not for having returned to the same design theme with the inclusion of the base cabinets of the island bearing the same finish. Also notice how these two finishes are so wonderfully complimented by the brick and countertop colorations.

Oftentimes, bathrooms can be somewhat ‘pigeonholed’ in their decorating flexibility. This characteristic is often driven by the dominance of any given neutral (typically white) of the furnishings affixed within that small space. In this particular bathroom, the decision to contrast the dominant white with black (vanity) and deep slate gray (floor tile) was achieved by also selecting the Corian vanity top. This two-toned Corian top bridged all the basic neutrals into one strategic element. Inasmuch as the neutrals are so effectively tied-in together, the bathroom can be embellished in virtually any décor direction.
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