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Springfield, VA Kitchen Remodel


Springfield, VA Kitchen Remodel

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When not faced with structural confines in a home, glorious kitchen spaces can easily be created! Such is the case with this Springfield, VA home. The finely detailed finished product was expertly designed and crafted around the inherent gift of natural sunlight. With favoring sun exposure, the inclusion of large windows and the garden patio door offered a wonderful foundation on which to display this magnificent kitchen and dining room area. The sunlight flows unimpeded and freely, without interruption, cascading its glory throughout this entire space.

In an effort to further enhance the radiance of natural lighting, white painted cabinets were carefully selected as well as white composite countertop material. However, given this dominance of ‘light’ and ‘white’ it was equally important to provide some features within this kitchen area that would effectually ‘ground’ the enhancements and not permit them to visually ‘float away’. This ‘grounding’ effect was achieved by several points of design intervention.

Although rather innocuous to the untrained eye, the cabinet hardware was purposely selected to possess an oiled bronze, antiqued, finish. This simple detail, not only, backdrops nicely upon the clarity of the cabinets but also ties in perfectly with the kitchen faucet and kitchen pendant lighting fixtures—as well as the lighting fixture above the dining room table! Although utilizing brushed nickel or stainless, as a cabinet hardware, (thereby working in accord with the appliances), the potential warmth that could be created by the metal finish would have been lost.

The island base, constructed of a richer, deeper-toned natural wood, provides a centralized grounding effect to the transition of the two spaces, kitchen and dining area. Here, returning to a white cabinet base would have foregone the opportunity to create such an important aesthetic division.

The unspoken beauty of this kitchen may clearly be noted in the technicality and intention of its service functions. Notice that the kitchen side of the island is in strict adherence to the ‘laws’ regarding the working triangle—the proximity and accessibility between the faucet, refrigerator, and cooking surface. This connotes an extremely friendly and efficient work area, capitalizing upon the broad work surface indicated in the island. Also note that the kitchen faucet is strategically placed in the corner, freeing-up the valuable counter space. Another wonderful convenience you’ll see is that the casual island seats can be neatly and efficiently stored beneath the island surface, thereby containing any potential obstruction or impediment to the wonderful free-flowing kitchen remodel.
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