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Pedestal Sinks for the Half Bath


Pedestal Sinks for the Half Bath

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While the half bath of your home may only occupy the same amount of space as a bedroom closet, it’s likely to be the most active bathroom in your home. This is a high-service room that is intended to add the conveniences of a bathroom facility, usually on the main floor of a two-story home, for guests and indigenous residents alike. Given the assumed small foot-print of the half bath space, the inclusion of a pedestal sink in this bath makes a lot of sound sense for several practical and aesthetic reasons.

A common, practical selling feature of integrating a pedestal sink into a half bath configuration would be that of maximizing the use of space in such an abbreviated facility. With such decisions, the single, centered column pedestal sink seems to be the sink of choice in this particular application. The single, centered column pedestal sink provides more available floor space for movement that is free and unimpeded; and is a terrific means to regulate space in the event that a resident or frequent guest may require an accessible facility—one that can easily accommodate a walker or wheelchair, for example.

Aesthetically speaking, these single column sinks have a suggestion of luxury to them. The mechanicals (plumbing and waste) are neatly configured within the column and are encased with a highly serviceable porcelain shroud. The simple lines of these sinks invite the opportunity to steer the décor in virtually any direction, complimenting the Classic Victorian theme all the way to a pristine Contemporary quest. True with either style of pedestal sink, there is a greater representation of the floor finish enabled as well—permitting the understated to the awesome floor design to be highlighted appropriately.

Contrasting this single column pedestal design would be a two-point (forward sink support) or a four-point (forward and rear sink support). These pedestal sink configurations tend to be more ‘retro’ in their presentation but, quite clearly, can extend a space more toward the Contemporary as well. The mechanicals, for example, are exposed; and because of this, need to be finished in metals that compliment the faucet or other metals present in the room. When this is achieved, the aesthetic is quite stately and formal while also communicating a comforting, casual appeal. The support legs may be fashioned in complimentary metals, porcelain or, in some cases, ornate woods. Typically speaking, however, the leg structures are more traditionally minimized as to draw more attention to the basin itself; but, of course, this depends entirely upon personal tastes and adherence to the entire half bath theme.

One of the more hidden values in the usage of pedestal sinks in the half-bath is the absolute freedom and, perhaps, necessity of including supporting amenities into this space in the absence of a vanity. A bath or half bath which possesses a vanity base will have the capacity to store and hide the common commodities of a bathroom like towels, face clothes and soaps. With a pedestal sink configuration, such storage is not available, nor desired. This permits some really quality decorating exploration and subsequent enhancement of the bathroom space in order to properly outfit, display and appoint this small space—transcending this ‘closet’ into a richly accented and stylish space while tending to its inherent traffic demands.
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