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Painted White Kitchen Cabinets


Painted White Kitchen Cabinets

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Natural wood finish cabinets tend to represent the more dominant presence in American kitchens; and this has been true for many recent decades. The inherent beauty of the wood enhances the most glorious and the most traditional of kitchens. However, natural wood finishes do present some decorating and design limitations; and, intricate details may often be lost in the visual as the natural wood, itself, takes a more commanding visual role in these cabinets. Certain themes, like ‘contemporary’ for example, are often difficult to translate with natural wood; and these design or thematic conflicts are simply resolved with painted white kitchen cabinetry.

It’s important to note here that painted white kitchen cabinetry isn’t exclusive to a short handful of kitchen designs; and, by contrast, actually tend to suit a much broader range of designs and themes without ever being ‘apologetic’. The design theory that comes into play with white cabinetry is that the amenities, accents and features of the balance of the kitchen actually define the space as the painted white cabinetry doesn’t thematically compete with any intended style.

In viewing the photographs, you will notice that a strong theme is generated within each individual kitchen project, varying from traditional to contemporary—and points in between. Yet, if you’re able to just focus upon the white painted cabinets, you’ll notice that the boxes, doors and trim are remarkably similar. Now, set your focus upon the hardware of those white painted cabinets. Did you notice that the hardware actually carried the theme into the other features and amenities of the kitchen? While hardware is often manipulated in kitchens to draw-into a theme, it tends to not be as effective with natural wood as it is with a white base color, like these.

Another proprietary advantage of white painted kitchen cabinetry is that of creating a space where significant contrast can be achieved. Natural wood, even in blond species, are a little more difficult to work with if a strong contrast (most notable in photograph #1) is desired. With natural wood, there’s the inherent necessity to somehow tie-in some pale earth tones or beiges into the décor; and this is often quite challenging when the desired visual demands wrought iron, stainless steel, and black-dominant stone countertops. White painted cabinets, on the other hand, are the consummate ‘neutral’ canvas on which to work your decorating and design masterpiece.
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