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Master Baths with Corner Showers and Specialty Tubs


Master Baths with Corner Showers and Specialty Tubs

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Over the past thirty years, or so, the master bathroom has become a standard feature in new home construction. Initially intended for the convenience of the adults of the household who tended to arise for the workday at an earlier time and readied for bed at a later time, the master bath afforded the family a little extra privacy and a little less calamity. As this space evolved, it became more evident that the master bath was also a potential haven for some quiet time or a space where the adult could wind-down from the hectic charges of the day. With this evolution come two notable features that have been prioritized in contemporary master baths: sitting tub, stand-alone shower. The combination tub-shower unit is now passé, giving-way to the two distinguishable separate features.

As with any bathroom configuration, what can be accomplished with a master bathroom space is largely contingent upon the space that the designer and contractor are afforded to craft their magic. Not many bathrooms boast the footprint the size of an airplane hangar, so it becomes a matter of necessity to design and build to the best intention that the space allows.

Stand-alone custom showers are both beautiful and convenient, but may be difficult to integrate into a bathroom when the bathroom is especially long and narrow. Given this environmental challenge, the most stylish and functional means of introducing a shower is by the creation of a custom corner shower. Corners, whether in a kitchen or bath, tend to be areas of ‘dead space’; but a custom corner shower can be a very intentional and desirable means to address this space while preserving the bulk of the meager footprint for other master bath necessities.

After a long, hard day at work or playing chauffer for all the kid’s activities, there’s nothing like the tranquility and relaxation time that’s expressed in a private sitting tub in your master bath. Whether you happen to opt for one that’s gracefully curved in exquisite depth or one that recharges your senses with strategically inset water jets, these tubs are a beautiful addition to a master bath, which exclusively tends to your own needs. It may appear that such luxury might require a large space of occupation in a master bath, but the opposite is more valid. These tubs, and all the benefits that go with them, can easily be set in some of the most confined of spaces—and well worth it
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