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Marble Bath


Marble Bath

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They say that first impressions are the lasting impressions, and nothing could be more true than the impression that this marble bath leaves upon your mind. The sheer elegance and opulence of this marble bath is characterized by the absolutely pristine clarity of the natural marble tile, highlighted by the very simple lines and details associated with this marble bath installation.

As with any natural stone product installation, this marble bath enjoys the enhancement achieved by the unique and varying shading associated with natural stone. Every single piece of stone is different in its inherent representation of color and gradient. In an effort to embellish upon this natural characteristic, there were actually three different sized tiles utilized for this installation: 12” x 12” for the floors and foundation of the sitting tub; 3” x 12” for the walls of the shower and tub area; and a small-scaled mosaic used to form the basin for the shower. Grout lines are minimized with marble installations, which offer a visual.

The frame-less shower enclosure ensures that the true beauty of the marble is never hidden but, instead, framed in inviting translucence. This shower, as you can easily see, is quite spacious and is fitted with both a fixed showerhead and hand-held showering features. The convenience shelves, integrated within the shower walls, are tucked away to the left in order to avoid the visual interruption of the expanse of the shower itself and all its wonderful amenities.

The sitting tub, styled to the classic designs of Greek influence, is situated beneath one of the bath windows and boasts a broad open platform that, as you can see, can be used for accentuating the bath with some tasteful, natural greenery—such additions add a warmth to the space that is often needed when surrounded by so much stone.

The vanity, custom designed and built to the space, was kept to a very minimalistic design in an effort to, once again, enhance the beauty of the marble. The vanity top is also of marble and of the same cut and finish as the balance of the bathroom.

One of the more common criticisms of stone and tile in a bathroom application, such as this, is that there’s a noticeable ‘chill’ on bare feet. Please know that modern technology, in the form of electric heating mats installed beneath the floor tile, counter any offensive or objectionable ‘chill’–rendering the tile rather warm and comfortable to the touch.
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