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Kitchens with Corner Sinks


Kitchens with Corner Sinks

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The decision to incorporate a corner sink into a kitchen design could be one that is made due to the desire to add a little drama or interest into a kitchen that needs a bit of flare. More often than not, however, the decision to go this route is one that is made due to space requirements or simply by preference of the owner. Although somewhat rare in tradition kitchen designs, these corner sinks can assist in defining a contemporary theme within the new kitchen and address the spacial limitations that may be present in the raw kitchen space.

In abbreviated kitchen spaces, often noted in galley kitchens and those often found in condominiums and townhouses, the amount of usable or tangible wall space is limited. With wall space at a premium, this also translates into the premium of viable countertop space as well. Given the abject importance of gaining as much countertop space as possible, the corner sinks are explored as a workable option. In a more standard or traditional kitchen layout, the interior countertop area is often somewhat of a ‘dead space’–relegated to store a small appliance or decorative decanters of some sort. This is a fine way to use that space when there’s plenty of countertop expanse in the balance of the kitchen. However, when countertop space is limited, these inside corners become even more precious.

The corner sink configuration, then, becomes a bit of a necessity. The stylish corner sink can utilize that ‘dead space’, and do so quite effectively and also have that ‘punch’ that a small kitchen design demands. As you can see in the photographs, the corner kitchen sink translates into a broad and usable area while preserving the assets noted in the balance of the open counter area. The corner base cabinet is also smartly utilized, as these corner cabinets often translate into unusable space as well.

Of course, no one has to know that such a decision was based upon the need. All anyone needs to know is how terrific it fits and looks in the kitchen. Given that the corner is broadened to accommodate the main sink, there are no limitations as to the size and dimension of the sink and faucet—lending great flexibility toward need and design.
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