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Herndon, VA Kitchen Remodel


Herndon, VA Kitchen Remodel

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Sometimes, the benefit of true custom kitchen features aren’t always realized at first observation. However, this particular Herndon, VA kitchen is not exemplary of that sort of situation. The beauty and function of this kitchen are clearly stated in the details, the custom details that herald the fact that this kitchen is in a class all its own.

There is a minimal source of natural lighting in this kitchen; and having the parameters of a U-shaped footprint to work with, there was a concern about shadows and an inherent lack of vibrancy. In an effort to combat this, initially, the decision was made in favor of using natural red birch as a finish cabinet material. Red birch will often radiate a warm, rosy hue overall but is also quite blond—the accents of, nearly iridescent, reds capture the bit of natural light while the dominant body maintains a more ‘open’ appearance. This material was then highlighted by oiled brass hardware, which plays nicely with the countertop material, heavy in taupe tones, and the mosaic accents within the backsplash. The custom sizing, fit to spacing, intention and convenience are most notable with the oversized drawer configuration by the range as well as the tight fit, in and around, the portal to the living room. Out-of-the-box cabinetry wouldn’t afford such a clean and efficient usage of space like this kitchen displays.

The field tile utilized in the backsplash is a pale taupe, brick-sized ceramic tile that emulates an understated stone look. This choice was directed in an effort to highlight the details of the mosaic accent, which, in itself, works so wonderfully with the tones and textures of the granite countertop. Note the thoughtful detail of the convenience shelf that was integrated into the wall, just about the range.

Some kitchen design critics might object to the placement and proximity of the range, refrigerator and sink area—often considered the ‘work triangle’. Typically, these stations are kept close to one another for easy access, deterring unnecessary travel within the kitchen while cooking the meals. The island work station in this kitchen is actually what ties all these stations together. This kitchen is very user-friendly, as the island serves as the activity hub as served by the ‘work triangle’ features.
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