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Glass Front Display Cabinets


Glass Front Display Cabinets

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The true beauty of a successful kitchen project may not necessarily be represented in one, single, grand concept—one eye-drawing feature that somehow captures the entire theme—or one that constitutes the lion’s share of the budget; but, instead, the beauty is realized in increments with thoughtful and intentional nuances here and there. Such is the wonder and advantage of the inclusion of glass front display cabinets into the kitchen design. It may seem like such a small feature, but it’s truly remarkable how a single glass front cabinet, set aside for display, can communicate so much in kitchen design.

As indicated in the first photograph, the use of a glass front display cabinet can be a form of domestic museum display technique. The undersized cabinets set above the normal storage upper cabinets are narrow in depth, back-lit, and are well out of reach of small hands. They are strategically placed about the entire kitchen space and are exclusively used for display purposes—safely harboring the most valuable and decorative of the family kitchen heirlooms. This, of course, is considered the most classic and stringent form of glass front display cabinets as they are not intended for daily use or access, but for a gallery presentation in the kitchen.

Often centered in the long run of cabinet uppers, the more typical style of glass front display cabinets can be found. Unlike the more classic, gallery style, these display cabinets may incur a fair amount of use as well as providing the medium by which the family’s collection of formal dinnerware or crystal will be enshrined.

While often viewed as somewhat of a vanity statement in a kitchen design, the opposite is surely more of an accurate means of interpreting their presence. You see, a kitchen is always most certain to have very little usable wall space—a preferred and viable space on which to display various art forms and introduce complimentary or contrasting colors into that kitchen. Glass front display cabinets afford just the right touch in enabling the introduction of such things rendering, décor-wise, a more balanced and rounded effect of color and texture.

Another method of addressing a glass front display cabinet is discovered in the use of stained glass, opaque glass, or clear glass with reticulated glass accents instead of using clear panes all together. In this strategy, the glass itself becomes the art form, which enhances the kitchen décor and not what lies behind the door.
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