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Georgetown, VA Kitchen Remodel


Georgetown, VA Kitchen Remodel

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When approaching the remodeling effort associated with a true alcove kitchen space, there’s a consistent unique challenge of space utilization and illumination of the space. The footprint is often limited, boxed-in by the three-wall definition of the alcove and, all too often being limited in natural light sources. These factors are no clearer to the challenge as those expressed within this Georgetown, VA kitchen remodeling project.

This particular kitchen, thankfully, is partially blessed with a single natural light source: a large double-sash window in the kitchen spillway. Although this is only to a meager advantage, it is a viable source of natural lighting which can be used to address the lighting necessity of the kitchen alcove. The trick, of course, is to make the best use of this light and to craft a visual that won’t compromise what little light is available.

The choice of utilizing white cabinetry was, therefore, as much out of necessity as it was of aesthetic, contemporary appeal. As with many alcove kitchen installations, the use of custom built cabinetry was necessitated in order to render the most valuable kitchen storage features with the limited space allowed. What is translated the most in this particular kitchen is that of selective and efficient use of space and subsequent cabinetry layout. If you notice, the interior base corner, as well as the terminal (on the right) base unit, are deftly utilized for much needed storage. The pantry unit also serves as a means to enhance the storage capabilities of this Georgetown, VA kitchen.

Given the dominant requirement of this kitchen to avoid being dark or cavernous, it became necessary to embark on a truly white and pastel theme. The risk here is avoiding too much of a sanitary or washed-out visual and, instead, having a space that is light, open and well-grounded. While most of this kitchen is actually enhanced by the decorative accessories and appliances, it is also firmly grounded by the natural finished wood flooring and the texture within the backsplash. The backsplash is, in fact, matched to the same pastel shade as the adjoining walls, but the actual physical texture of the brick does a fine job in advancing the necessity of earthen texture.
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