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Fairfax, VA Kitchen Remodel


Fairfax, VA Kitchen Remodel

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This Fairfax, VA kitchen remodel sought to occupy what most would consider an alcove in a broad, open-spaced main floor. The concept here was to comply with the needs and functions associated with an active kitchen while not detracting, or impeding, the continuity of the balance of the floor. The focus was to design a space that serves as somewhat of an oasis theme rather than one that is more confined or sequestered. What was achieved in this Fairfax, VA home was one of the most inviting and friendliest spaces ever created!

One of the most captivating features of this particular kitchen was the absolute abundance of natural light. Not all kitchens can boast such a wonderful feature, so the advancement and enhancement of this environmental advantage was a key component in the selection and design of this kitchen area. The influx of sunlight, pouring through the French style patio doors, proved a tremendous source for highlighting the strength of this kitchen.

While somewhat marginalized, the kitchen cabinetry boasts only a modest layout and storage capabilities—as defined by usable space and theme requisites. These custom cabinets, finished in pristine white enamel, occupy every inch of this L-shaped alcove to the fullest and are cleanly capped with an understated crown molding. Everything is tight and neatly defined.

The island in this kitchen serves as much of a social element as it does of function. The broad granite top does lend itself to a very usable workstation for the cook but it is also more adept at being a feature for inciting social activity. You should note that this island is placed in such a way and locale as to avoid impeding or interrupting, not only, the flow of contiguous traffic lanes but of natural light as well. This is where the ‘oasis’ title is defined.

The classic brick backsplash was utilized as a means to ground the color foundation of the space. With so much light and so much white going on, the space would be ungrounded without the texture and earthy colorations of this backsplash. The flooring, as you will note, is not segmented to the kitchen space whatsoever but, instead a continuous flow of flawless oak flooring that literally pours evenly into the adjoining spaces. The clever, corner mounted fireplace adds warmth and comfort in a transitional space between the kitchen and living area—tying both spaces together in this casual and friendly kitchen.
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