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Fairfax Station, VA Kitchen Remodel


Fairfax Station, VA Kitchen Remodel

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This particular kitchen remodel is a testimony to what can be achieved in opulence and comfort when afforded such an abbreviated kitchen footprint. This kitchen space, being a true household ‘hub’ with passages at three active points, wasn’t much more than a ‘swollen hallway—only modestly more forgiving than that of a traditional galley. While the structural parameters posed a challenge for the grandiose, the space lent itself to a wonderful translation of function and intimacy.

The requirements of this space indicated that the cabinetry needed to be custom built. Working within tight parameters meant that every inch of available wall space be thoughtfully designed and crafted into this particular work of art. The richness of the deeper-toned cabinetry is defined by the simple stile lines, accented by equally discreet brushed-nickel handles. The wood façades created for the appliances offer continuity for the cabinetry visual as well as rendering a greater expanse of cabinetry than what really exists. This also lends toward making the entire kitchen look larger.

The two-tiered marble-topped work station allowed the water services to stay within stable working proximity of the cooktop and refrigerator while equally serving as a means to coincide with the intimacy of the kitchen theme. Although this feature provides somewhat of a barricade to the adjoining space, it does so with social function and purpose—achieved via the lower tiered sitting area.

This kitchen also exemplifies the abject drama that can be realized when a custom range hood is integrated into a kitchen plan. This particular range hood is nearly an art form unto itself, but with its narrow flue chase, it enhances the backdrop of the custom tiled backsplash exponentially—not detracting, whatsoever, from the fine finish of this work.

Lighting for this particular kitchen was addressed with both beauty and function in mind. The gold-globed pendent lights, suspended by brushed nickel as well, seek to warm the casual sitting area in somewhat of a proprietary fashion. The balance of the kitchen enjoys the flexibility of recessed lighting which illuminates all the necessary work areas and can be controlled in combinations, thereby providing the user the custom level of lighting that they desire to enhance the need, or establish the mood.
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