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Electric Towel Warmers for the Bath


Electric Towel Warmers for the Bath

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There are a number of little added conveniences that can be integrated into a new bathroom design or project, but few would warrant the serious consideration than that of an electric towel warmer. It may sound like a bathroom feature that most households could survive without or that it is more of an eccentricity rather than a necessity. For those who tend to subscribe to this notion, the contrary is certainly more likely to be true. The towel warmer, believe it or not, has a few applications in the modern bathroom which go well beyond what its name implies, thereby justifying as a worthwhile amenity for your new bathroom or, perhaps, your existing bathroom.

When you pull your clothes from out of the dryer, there’s an instinct that drives you to grab one of the towels from inside and briefly wrap your face in the warmth. Drawn by the mild heat and freshness of the soft feel against your skin, you hold the towel there until it resigns to room temperature. This sensation, this moment, can be one that you can have any time you exit your shower or bath. Granted, this is such a simple luxury to enjoy, but one that is so easily attained with an electric towel warmer.

There are a number of fabrics in our contemporary clothing that don’t respond well to the environment of the automatic dryer. The intense heat of a dryer can wrinkle, distort, and shrink fabrics like, lycra (spandex), ramie, sheer nylon, and fine cottons—not to mention bathing suits. So, the choice with these items has been to set-up a separate drying rack in the laundry area and trust that these items will, in fact, dry in a time frame that suits our busy schedule. An electric towel warmer, dispensing a low and even heat, can serve as a safe and accelerated means to dry these items—very convenient!

The costs, which vary by product and locale, tend to be quite nominal when compared with the added convenience and value associated with the electric towel warmer. Inserting an electric towel warmer into your bathroom scheme can be an economical means to acquire some luxurious comfort and smart convenience into your new bathroom.
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