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Custom Range Hoods


Custom Range Hoods

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While often being the most un-heralded feature in the kitchen, the range hood tends to be identified as the purely functional feature of a new kitchen design. The more notable attention-grabbers like the island, appliances, countertops and cabinets seem to possess the homeowner so much that they’re not likely to give a range hood more than a quick glance and an ‘oh, yeah…need one of those, too’. Those folks who think like that are missing-out on a feature that could be a formidable highlight to their new kitchen design.

One of the prejudices with range hoods is that they’re so task-identified—they move air and steam—big deal, right? Well, try cooking in a kitchen without one. Okay, point made, they’re functionally necessary. However, a refrigerator is functionally necessary, yet everyone seems to want it to look sharp, clean easy and function quietly—the same should be true of the range hood.

The best way to get the most aesthetic value, while enhancing the functional service, from your range hood is to venture toward the idea of having a custom range hood fabricated for your new kitchen. With custom range hoods, you’ll have the choice of metals, finish of those metals or having the metals encased in wood that precisely matches your cabinets. Not only that, but you can actually create (or have someone do it for you) a hood and flue design that no one else on the planet may claim title to—a one-of-a-kind.

Location, location—only a custom range hood permits the location of the hood to a place where you actually need it. Whether snugged-up against an outside wall above a cooktop or hovering over the cooktop on the island, the custom range hood will enhance the beauty of the cooking area while providing the much needed movement of air, right where you need it most.

It may seem that this would be a costly venture for something that functions so simply. The slight difference in cost actually translates into big performance and aesthetic dividends and, once compared, the value of the proposition is easily realized.
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