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Custom Kitchen Islands


Custom Kitchen Islands

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Some thirty years ago the trend in kitchen accouterments was the configuring of the kitchen breakfast bar. Typically located at the kitchen’s ‘spillway’ into the adjacent room, the breakfast bar was a feature whereby guests or occupants of the home could casually sit and enjoy the company of whoever was delegated to do the cooking. The ‘catch’ of this communication experience was that it was very specific to keep the social aspect out of the defined kitchen space. Times have changed!

Those who have had the experience of owning or working in a kitchen with an island will testify to the abject necessity of the additional working surface, or services, that an island can do for a kitchen. The islands really vary in actual use and function, ranging from the sole locale and surface where food is prepared to a comfortable sitting area where a couple friends can share some conversation – and all points in between.

It’s easy to see the intrinsic value of having a kitchen island, but this value, this experience is not fully realized until you explore the options, features and styling available to you in a custom-built kitchen island. Imagine that you can have the exact dimensions of the base and top to your needs or your whimsical desires. Only you know exactly how you want the kitchen to appear and only you know how you want it to function. Unlike the standard, production-line, kitchen island fabrications, a custom kitchen island achieves the vision, captures the imagination and sets it into reality for you.

In today’s kitchens, the island has become the hub or centerpiece of the entire kitchen space; and this is not due, specifically, to its centralized or non-centralized positioning in the kitchen area. A custom designed, custom crafted island can incorporate all, or as few, features as you want it to. It can be dressy or it can invoke ‘function’. It can achieve a very social intent by virtue of seating or seating arrangements, or it can achieve an isolated role of culinary flurry in the kitchen. Depending on how you, the homeowner, see yourself and your family in the kitchen, only a custom island can transform that visual and those behaviors into something you can see and put your hands on—for real and for a very lasting experience.
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