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Custom Kitchen Backsplash


Custom Kitchen Backsplash

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Although the kitchen backsplash occupies so little space in the general kitchen design and décor landscape, it is a raw canvas in which a true kitchen artist may express one’s finest work. Within this abbreviated, typically elongated, space, a decorator, designer or artisan may explore the components of the kitchens personality and put it on display here. The backsplash is quite often used as a means to introduce complimentary tones and textures to the kitchen or, more succinctly, define the actual style influence which birthed this kitchen space.

Ceramic tile, glass tile, and stone tend to be the trending finishes for today’s kitchen backsplashes. Not only do these materials lend themselves toward a flexible decorating medium but they are, unmistakably, the premium in durability and serviceability.

The backsplash and cooking area backdrop finished in rounded, quarter-stone mosaic, is a perfect example of how a much needed texture is added to the space. Yes, this tends to add a bit of earthen appeal to an otherwise satin-smooth visual; but that’s precisely the intention. Offset by corresponding natural tones and colors, this backsplash commands attention as well as spotlighting other décor in this space.

The deeper toned, cobalt blue subway tile was used to create a more stark contrast between the white cabinet uppers and base units while simultaneously enhancing the black granite countertop. This is a very bold and daring application which really serves the countertop well as it transforms a more classic doubling of black and white into a visual that is truly more attention commanding.

The use of 6” x 6” earthen-mottled tiles, set on a diagonal, add an illusion of height to a backsplash space as well as tying-in nicely with the warm tones of the cabinets and countertops. In this application, however, the introduction of the straight-set decorative mosaics add some very much needed ‘interest’ into the theme.

Larger-scale tile in small spaces will tend to ‘dwarf’ the visual—make it look smaller or narrower than it really is. Beige tile may also tend to be innocuous and too understated to really command any deserving attention. Now, if that tile is used, capitalizing upon only one of its dimensional features (using half-tiles), and dividing the expanse with an intricate basket-weave center border, then an appealing drama is achieved. Notice how well the cabinet finish is complimented by discreet accent tiles with that border!

While ‘sea-glass’ is seldom used in a full-format backsplash area, it was certainly a deliberate decision in this wonderful backsplash display. In full field, sea-glass tends to be a bit pale or ‘washy’; but in this application it was absolutely perfect for drawing the sea-glass color from the marble countertops as well as serving as a profound backdrop for the kitchen cabinetry.

If you recall, the backsplash was earlier referred to as the ‘canvas’ to which the artisan may express. In this last backsplash, the hand-painted tiles above the cooking area are literally framed in decorative stiles, rendering the honest visual of a museum masterpiece. Quite frankly, the intention here is to solidify the European influence of this entire kitchen—this backsplash is the pies de resistance!
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