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Custom Bathroom Vanities


Custom Bathroom Vanities

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There are a number of solid, valid reasons to explore a custom-built vanity for your new bathroom space. Besides being a one-of-a-kind presentation in your home, it fulfills so many other decorating and design requirements that are not offered in ‘out-of-the-box’ vanity options. With custom vanities there are no compromises to make, nor concessions to explore with regards to space, styling, or materials and amenities. The vanity is built upon a vision of the final aesthetic appeal coupled with the servicing of the user and the uniqueness of the space; and these are expressions of true value that cannot be found within a cardboard box.

One of the greatest features or selling points of a custom vanity is the absolute perfect use of space. Quite often, the vanity is relegated to a short wall or an alcove that is already defined in a bathroom that is being remodeled. Given that relocating mechanicals (plumbing, drains, electrical) significantly adds to the end cost of a project, moving these mechanicals may be an expense that can easily be avoided with custom vanities. The previous vanity probably didn’t fit the space, rendering unusable space on that wall or in that alcove. A custom vanity can neatly occupy every square inch of that usable space while providing the optimum benefit of storage and serviceability for the homeowner.

Remember the bit about concessions and compromises? When choosing vanity materials, a homeowner or designer may be presented with only a set number of materials or finishes, limiting the flexibility of the décor. Having to settle for, “that’s pretty close to the color I was looking for in cherry”, compared to, “that’s exactly the look I wanted”, gives you a basic understanding of the difference here, in custom vanity work. Not only do you not have to compromise on the vanity base, but custom vanity applications also imply that the vanity top will be perfect as well—the fit, the look, the function—exactly how you envisioned your vanity, and bathroom to be.

If you take a hard and value-based look at the economics of custom vanities for your bathroom project, you’ll realize that it’s really an affordable option as there’s little disparity between higher quality vanity ‘packages’ and those that are custom-built to your exacting specifications. The major difference, of course, reverts back to the discussion on space fulfillment: the custom vanity will always satisfy the precise space in which you require—and nothing less.
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