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Custom Bathroom Tile


Custom Bathroom Tile

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he true beauty of including ceramic tile in your finish schedule for your bathroom is that every application is custom and unique to the space. Aside from the fact that ceramic tile is available in nearly every geometric shape, color, sheen level, style and scale (size), the homeowner or designer has the liberty to define a decorating theme simply by the tiles that are chosen for the project. Oftentimes, the geometric dimensions are interchanged (as in this bathroom) to create a particular effect. While the dominant color base has remained constant the drama is crafted, nearly exclusively, by the adjustment of the shape and scale of the tile.

The tile flooring, noted in this application, utilizes a relatively small scale of a pre-mounted ceramic mosaic. The dominant tile is a 3” x 3” white octagon which boasts a more satin patina. Contrasting this octagon format are black ‘dots’ of 1” x 1” format of a significantly higher gloss level. Here, the designer sought to tie-in the color standard of the black, glossy vanity top as well as coordinating the sheen level of the shower wall tile, also in higher gloss finish.

The use of a small scale tile format in this particular bath was largely due to environmental or special necessity. Given that the toilet sits in a narrow alcove, a larger scale tile would dwarf that alcove and visually retard that particular feature. The use of mosaic formats are also quite popular choices in older home remodeling projects because it’s quite common that the sub-flooring will have ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, ‘dips’ and ‘waves’—and mosaics can accommodate such uneven, natural imperfections while rendering an even surface.

Choosing a glossy white subway tile for the shower walls in the second photo was a very calculated decision. The white wainscot wall finish is a classic feature in urban bathroom applications of the early 1900’s, here in America. The white subway tile also corresponds to that era – finishing a very classy and timeless visual.

The built-in ‘shower caddy’ is a feature that’s found in nearly every custom shower these days. The notably high placement of the inset was selected by the customer in this particular case because it is an ‘adult-access’ shower. A family-designed shower will typically have a caddy that is lower, to service the needs of the children or multiple insets to provide access to both the tall and the small.
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