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Bathroom Remodels with Custom Tile Showers


Bathroom Remodels with Custom Tile Showers

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When contemplating a bathroom remodel project, consider the distinct advantage of incorporating a custom tile shower into the plans. Although it may seem to be a daunting task, the real task associated with the project will likely be deciding on just how incredible you want it to look. The truth of the matter is that there are virtually no limitations as to the functional and aesthetic appeal of the custom tile shower; and, because there’s so much you can do—so much flexibility—it’s often hard to decide. Don’t let these decisions discourage you, a good shower designer can make it happen for you and add an incredible value to your bath and your home!

In many bathroom remodel projects the custom tile shower can be, sort of, a stand-alone fixture in the bathroom. While homeowners opt for, let’s say, an ‘out-of-the-box’ tub unit along with other standard bath features, the custom tile shower can be included as an expression of individuality and interest in an otherwise mainstream bathroom configuration. In creating this custom tile shower effect, the entire bathroom is suddenly taking-on an entirely custom flair—amazing what the custom tile shower, alone can do for a bathroom.

When creating an entirely customized bathroom environment, the custom tile shower is often the focal point or area of greatest aesthetic detail. This may be created by the type of tile and accent tiles that are used in the finishing of such a shower; but this may also be defined by virtue of how the shower, itself, is presented in the general bathroom space. One of the more dramatic methods of incorporating a shower is by actually limiting the definition of the shower. By limiting the ‘enclosure’ nature of the shower area, a designer can create intrigue and interest; and this is typically created by innocuous entrances into the shower (glass doors with no frames) or no ‘door’ at all—the custom tile shower simply flows into the scheme of the balance of the bath.

Oftentimes, a custom tile shower effect can be created by simply finishing the interior walls around an ‘out-of-the-box’ shower basin; and this is also a method by which a custom tile shower appearance can be achieved without the necessity of building a waterproof basin from scratch. Either way, adding a custom tile shower effect in a bathroom is a proven value to a home and a beautiful and economical improvement to admire.
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