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Arlington, VA Master Bathroom Remodel


Arlington, VA Master Bathroom Remodel

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When designing a contemporary master bath suite, as noted in this Arlington, VA home, there tends not to be a tremendous bounty of space in which the artist must craft the theme. The allocation of this meager space must be carefully drafted in an effort to incorporate all the important amenities in which the homeowner requires as well as communicating the expression of contemporary design without compromise.

From a drafting design perspective, this Arlington Master Bath is a gem. The walk-in custom shower takes advantage of the small footprint permitted here and addresses this alcove with stark, dramatic angles which highlights the contemporary intent while maintaining usability and practicality. The frameless glass doors serve as a translucent window upon this artistic endeavor. A similar and corresponding angular presentation is also noted in the sitting tub, smartly raised and encased for comfortable use and dramatic effect.

Warm gray, large-scale wall tiles are also being used to translate the theme. While tiles of this size would normally ‘dwarf’ the visual, the pairing of a smaller scale, deeper mottling tile (set on a diagonal) on the floor actually reverse the visual effect—creating an illusion of expanse and lineal span.

Although only marginally represented in these photographs, the vaulted, exposed beamed wood ceiling serves to encase this contemporary effort in warmth and grace. Inset within this wood ceiling are the sources of general space lighting in the form of recessed fixtures.

The service fixtures: sinks, toilet, bidet, and tub stand out in their clarity of white enamel, accentuated cleanly by bright chrome details. Other metals within the space, including towel bars and modest shower door hardware, are also finished in chrome. Not only will this choice of metals offer a sharp, attractive presence for the white furnishings but they will also compliment the dominant grey theme within the ceramic tile.

The vanity area is intentionally designed to serve as its own station. Unlike the balance of this Arlington Master Bath which cascades from one space to the next, the vanity area has an appearance of being more self-contained. Not only is this achieved by the rich, complimentary choice of reddish wood in the cabinet and valance, but also by its confined or reserved space in which it occupies. The selection of the wood here is intentional, as it will draw-in the effect created by the wood ceiling.
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