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Arlington, VA Contemporary Kitchen Remodel


Arlington, VA Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

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A common criticism of contemporary kitchen designs is that the formality of the space can often be sterile or uninviting. As the designer seeks to control certain decorating elements the ambiance is frequently lost in the quest to accentuate the true nature of the contemporary design. However, in this Arlington, VA Contemporary Kitchen Remodel there is a balance struck that enriches the contemporary experience with intentional embellishments of natural details.

There is a tendency within contemporary designs that extend such a focus on flow and visual energy that the space tends not to be grounded—that it assumes a position in the general landscape of the home but really doesn’t stand alone. This Arlington Contemporary, by contrast, is firmly grounded. The designer achieves this by the natural drama embedded within the wooden ceiling, accentuated by deeper toned exposed beams, and by returning to this same natural theme with the richly colored wood flooring. These features serve to define the parameters of the space and, although quite attractive unto themselves, they are set in place to provide the closure to more important and critical elements of this Arlington Contemporary kitchen.

In an effort to translate this space away from a more traditional or rustic décor, white finished cabinets are used and truly stand-out against the natural wood floor and ceilings. The hardware of the cabinetry is of a bright stainless finish which enthusiastically compliments the sink and faucet, stainless appliances and range hood. In addressing the cabinets in this manner, they are transformed into more of the formal appeal that is associated with the contemporary styling.

The countertops are absolutely beautiful; and the mottling, inclusive of modest traces of white, manage a perfect complimentary visual to both the pristine cabinetry and the natural wood tones represented in the ceiling and floor. The inclusion of the small sitting area within the actual kitchen confines, in conjunction with the two-tiered bar area, serve to dismiss the ‘uninviting’ nature of a contemporary design; and, instead, offer a very approachable and inviting place to rest and visit.

The lighting is extremely understated, being inset within the wood ceiling, and tends to perform the task of pointedly direct service lighting; but also serves, as you will notice, as a gallery lighting effect—capturing and enhancing this ‘work of art’ contemporary kitchen in Arlington, VA.
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