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Alexandria, VA Townhouse Kitchen Remodel


Alexandria, VA Townhouse Kitchen Remodel

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Quite often, the most daunting challenge associated with Townhouse or Condominium kitchen remodeling is that of space—the basic footprint of the kitchen space. The trick, of course, is to make the best use of the space that is available without compromising the needs of the homeowner and the functionality of the kitchen itself; and, it goes without saying, to achieve a degree of style and flair that becomes enviable.

This Alexandria Townhouse remodel is clearly highlighted by its centrally featured, two-tiered island work station. While this space, from a functional standpoint, would benefit from nearly any form of island work station, the concern was to avoid drawing too much of a barricade and isolating the user from the social activities of the home. This two-tiered effect is a terrific compromise, allowing comfortable social gatherings right there at the bar! When the company isn’t around, the convenience of a wall-mounted flat-screen TV was inserted into the project to keep the cook entertained while tending to the tasks at hand.

If you take note of the positioning of the cooking area, refrigerator and sink area—this is a classic example of the work triangle. This promotes ease and efficiency when putting together the day’s meals as well as the quick clean-up of the same. When service areas are put within close proximity of one another, as they are in this Alexandria Townhouse remodel, the homeowner enjoys the planned ease of workability of these services—smart design!

While many kitchens frequently subdue the general appearance of the kitchen cabinetry, in lieu of highlighting other areas, this Alexandria Townhouse captured the attention with its striking coloration of reddish-amber wood cabinetry. Clean lines and finely finished at the ceiling with crown molding, these cabinets are richly addressed with stainless steel hardware which, by the way, tie-in quite nicely with the finish of the appliances and kitchen faucet.

There is no embellishment within the lighting fixtures to detract from the cabinetry or the granite surfaced island. The intelligent placement of recessed lighting only seeks to illuminate this tightly defined space in absence of any natural lighting source—typical of Townhouse kitchen spaces.

The backsplash is stylish without detracting or commanding unnecessary attention away from the visual focus of the cabinet and island. The mottling of beiges, tans and taupe serve as a neutral backdrop that compliments the stone counters and provides a tasteful backdrop for the cabinetry.
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