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Alexandria, VA Kitchen Remodel


Alexandria, VA Kitchen Remodel

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The open plan of this Alexandria, VA kitchen is designed for easy accessibility for the users as well as to keep the users from being excluded from the ongoing activities in the balance of the floor. Here, the designer created a very lineal format in cabinetry and service areas; and this invites multiple users or occupants within the same space while avoiding bumping into one another.

The cabinetry is a warm cherry, crafted in simple ‘shaker’ lines which truly enhance the natural radiance and patina of the wood from which it’s constructed. The hardware is also discreet, lending only a subdued contrast to that of the doors and drawers. A single upper with glass doors is taking advantage of the natural light source adjacent to the recess in which is located.

An elongated arched access above the sink area in this Alexandria, VA kitchen was created to enhance the ‘open’ theme, keeping the kitchen user in active contact with the family or guests in the adjacent dining area. The remaining work areas were kept more closely together and boast a double-oven with a warming chamber, formidable refrigerator, and an electric cook-top that barely casts a shadow within the profile of the granite countertop.

Placement and choices for lighting fixtures were accomplished with utility in mind. The row of recessed lighting cans are positioned for lighting advantage exclusively where proper lighting is needed most—following the contour of the cabinet and counter layout. Not only does this decision address the functionality of the working area of this Alexandria, VA kitchen but, by choice, it highlights the abbreviated sitting alcove by the windows which will benefit from the inviting radiance of natural sunlight.

Truly, the eye-catching feature of this Alexandria kitchen remodel is located in the backsplash area. The mosaic of color and texture is achieved by brick-scale or subway scale stone-finished tiles with dominant accents of striking glass tiles of the same format. The inclusion of such dramatic color and texture succinctly addresses the overall neutral tones that are prevalent in this kitchen, adding some workable colors into the decorating palette in which the homeowner may further accent. In a kitchen design which is largely functional and socially driven, this backsplash accentuates all the positives in the beautiful Alexandria, VA kitchen!
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