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Select Kitchen and Bath has been a member of Angie’s List (AL) since 2007. AL provides reviews from real people, not paid advertisers to rate the services provided by companies. Rule #1 is that a company cannot pay to be on AL. We think AL provides a great tool for consumers to really check out a company before the kitchen or bathroom remodeling process begins. Last year we were awarded the Super Service Award and are very proud of that fact. If you need more information about us through AL click here or simply ask us a question about your design project and fill out the contact form.


Select Kitchen and Bath has been Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ accredited since 2001. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the highest quality in design, installation, delivery and customer satisfaction and will work to keep it that way. Find out more about us at the BBB website or contact us for any questionsyou may have about the kitchen or bathroom remodeling process.


Select Kitchen and Bath is a member of The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). Its mission is to help those in the new and remodeling kitchen and bathroom industry to be a resource in the latest in design, manufacturing and installation with a continued goal of increasing the knowledge base of its members and ultimately, the consumer. To view dream kitchens and get some inspiration from designers worldwide click here and if you have any questions on what you’ve seen ask us.


Select Kitchen and Bath is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The Association’s mission is to act as the voice of the remodeling industry and to promote and advance the professionalism of the trade. Members have to adhere to a code of ethics that applies to use of quality products, truthful advertising, prompt complaint resolution, legal compliance and maintaining all required insurance and licensing. For more information about NARI, please visit their site. To continue researching our company check out our before and after kitchen and bathroom renovations page.


Select Kitchen and Bath is a Certified Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RPR) firm by the EPA. Our License Number is NAT-58346-1 and further information can be found here about the EPA’s program. In short, the program was established to ensure health, safety and welfare of those who may come into contact or occupy a structure undergoing renovations that may be hazardous. To learn more about us or if you have any questions regarding this program you can contact the EPA or simply submit a question here. To see more of our kitchen and bathroom remodeling work, see our before and after page.