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Turning Your Shower Into a Hydro Massage A relaxing massage is the perfect end to a long and strenuous day. Unfortunately, fighting traffic in order to get to a spa
Vanity Sinks: Functional Art When you remodel a bathroom, you have two choices. You can go for a purely functional design, or you can inject a bit of your own
How to Choose a Kitchen Designer Choosing a designer for kitchen or bath renovations is a critical piece in the process. Typically speaking, a professional kitchen and bath designer in
Bathroom Amenities When we’re children, the family bathroom is the one room in the home that is conveniently inconvenient. It was the place that our parents often forced us to
Your Kitchen Counter Mission When embarking upon the mission toward your new kitchen or kitchen remodel, you will likely spend a great deal of time contemplating upon the best and
Kitchen Lighting Choices There’s probably no greater nuisance in an active kitchen than that of a shadowed area or dead spot in the lighting illumination of this space. It’s referred to
Fluid Motion in Your Kitchen There may not be a more fluid trend in kitchen design and features than that of the one so noted in kitchen faucets. Over the
Planning for Kitchen Lifestyle Changes The constant in life is that life is constantly changing—always posing exciting new challenges or conflicts that require our pensive thought and committed attendance. It’s
What Do You “Hate” About Your Kitchen? Maybe hate is too strong a word in properly defining a frustration you might have with your present kitchen space; but it is