How to Choose a Kitchen Designer

How to Choose a Kitchen Designer Choosing a designer for kitchen or bath renovations is a critical piece in the process. Typically speaking, a professional kitchen and bath designer in Virginia will have completed a fair amount of coursework related … Continue reading

Slate Countertops and Flooring

Your Kitchen Counter Mission When embarking upon the mission toward your new kitchen or kitchen remodel, you will likely spend a great deal of time contemplating upon the best and most appropriate countertop surface in which to grace this new … Continue reading

Hot Kitchen Trends in Creative Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Choices There’s probably no greater nuisance in an active kitchen than that of a shadowed area or dead spot in the lighting illumination of this space. It’s referred to as a nuisance because, although it’s quite preventable and often … Continue reading

Kitchen Remodel: Being The ‘General’

Kitchen Remodel: Being the ‘General’ There certainly is some potential economic benefit for a homeowner to act as their own General Contractor when the decision is made to re-do, re-build or create and entirely new kitchen space. However, before dismissing … Continue reading

DIY Kitchen Renovation Wisdom

The Wisdom of DIY Kitchen Renovations There’s certainly a great deal of pride and sense of personal accomplishment associated with tackling your own major renovation project. Possessing the skills, tools, time and patience associated with remaking your kitchen space into … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law and Your Kitchen Makeover Part 2

Defying ‘Murphy’s Law’ in Kitchen Makeovers, Part 2 By this point you should be feeling some sense of confidence in the plan you have set in motion and with the professionals you’ve engaged to execute your vision. Nevertheless, now would … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law and Your Kitchen Makeover Pt.1

Defying ‘Murphy’s Law’ in Virginia Kitchen Makeovers, Part 1 “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”–so is the claim of ‘Murphy’s Law’. Not to spread distrust and paranoia into an already stressful endeavor, but with the many, many different … Continue reading

The Process of a Kitchen Remodel

The Administration Duties of Kitchen Remodel Planning Although it would be handy to summon the ‘Genie in the Bottle’ and exhaust one of your three wishes, have your kitchen changed instantly and be done with it–that’s not reality. The reality … Continue reading