Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s the place where friends and family members gather when you’re entertaining, the space where everyone in your household gathers and the room where you meals are prepared … Continue reading

Vinyl Flooring in the 21st Century

In an effort to understand the history of vinyl flooring, one has to take a quick review of its predecessors: linoleum and oil-cloth. ‘Oil-cloth’, as the name would imply was a coarse canvas-like material that was saturated in vegetable-based, animal-based, … Continue reading

Tile and Stone Flooring in the Kitchen

If you have ever traveled to the ancient buildings of southern Europe and the Middle East, where civilizations began, you’ll note that every single floor is stone or tile. Granted, given the geographical location of these structures–that stone, sand and … Continue reading

Kitchen Flooring Compared

As with any other major component of the new kitchen project, the kitchen flooring options need to be assessed and valued in terms of: budget, utility/serviceability and aesthetic appeal. Given the extreme demands put upon a kitchen floor, you want … Continue reading